Special Projects

The New Trier Educational Foundation, District 203, and the family of Sofi Troglia have partnered to raise funds for a rooftop greenhouse at New Trier. Brian and Sarah Troglia and Yvonne and John Held have made a $100,000 commitment to this project.

“Sofi was a well-known and beloved participant in our Education and Life Skills program, and this greenhouse will help current students in the program learn about science, art, and business while developing important vocational and social-emotional skills,” says Denise Dubravec, Winnetka Campus Principal. “We are thankful to Sofi’s family, friends, and our school community for helping us build this warm and welcoming oasis in her memory.”

According to Joanne Panopoulos, Assistant Superintendent for Special Education, the greenhouse will provide expansive opportunities for our students in the ELS and Transition Programs by developing life and vocational skills including basic home economics, home gardening, and nutrition education.

The greenhouse will also provide opportunities for other classes and clubs to interact in ways they had not previously. For example, Applied Arts is assisting in the design and construction of necessary items such as benches and planting beds.

The estimated cost of the greenhouse is $300,000, which includes enhancements to accommodate students of all abilities. To date, the Educational Foundation Board has raised over $150,000. Student groups and athletic teams have also committed to help fundraise. Construction of the 300-square-foot greenhouse on the south green roof of the Winnetka campus begins in the summer of 2020.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation to support this project. 

We're very excited to announce that Sofi's Greenhouse is currently being fabricated and is expected to be installed on the Winnetka campus in July, 2020.


We are excited to share images of the building progress at New Trier High School's Winnetka campus! Sofi's Greenhouse will be completed in the coming weeks. We can't wait to see the students using this very special space.