Ntef 2022 PitchNight Judge Jorge Esteve

“Jordi” has more than twenty years of business management expertise in developing and growing industrial businesses globally but primarily within the Americas and Europe.

Most recently, he was looking to acquire a fledgling manufacturer of fragrances in Barcelona and start operations for it in the US importing its products from there…but then Covid hit.

Before that, he represented CHS, a Fortune 100 cooperative helping American farmers find outlets for their soy-based products selling soy protein isolates, soy flour, and soy analog crisps to CPG companies in North America. At CHS, he was charged with and grew sales in all of Mexico and throughout the Midwest managing a team of distributors and brokers. Along with that, he represented the company directly as key account manager personally as needed.

Previously and during five years, he had been selling flavors and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins to top tier clients at Innova Flavors – a Division of Griffith Laboratories, now it is known as Griffith Foods. As a strategic business unit director at Innova, he grew from running a small territory to managing the second largest group of multinational accounts for the company multiplying his initial yearly sales revenues over ten times in those five years.