SCD at New Trier

Siebel Center for Design is the only design center of its kind in the country. They practice, model, and teach design thinking and human centered design in collaboration with all disciplines, majors, and departments at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, as well as the community-at-large.  

New Trier has partnered with Siebel Center for Design (SCD) at the University of Illinois and the New Trier Educational Foundation to launch a design thinking program to help students approach real-life complex problems and develop skills and mindsets that are highly desired by colleges and employers through a human centered design approach.

The highlights:

Collaborative Learning: SCD will be leading our educators through an immersive learning experience. Participants will engage in collaborative activities and discussions that promote the practical application of design thinking principles in their classrooms.

Inclusivity: Educators come with varying levels of familiarity with design thinking. Therefore, the program is designed with a dual-pronged approach. It caters to those who are just beginning their journey into design thinking, as well as those who are more experienced and seek to refine their skills.

Iterative Growth: Just as design thinking encourages iterative problem-solving, the program emphasizes continuous growth and learning. Educators will have the opportunity to apply design thinking concepts in their teaching practices, refine their methods through feedback, and iterate to achieve optimal results.

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SCD will support NTHS to prepare and plan a pilot program in Year 1, SY2023 - 2024, focusing on the following four areas of support and collaboration: